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About Us

Welcome to Got Stoned Jewelry - my name is Mel (short for Melissa-Anne) and this is my small business!
I started lapidary (the art of carving stone) back in 2015. I started obsessing over researching and carving stones until the hobby turned into an after work hustle - and eventually the hustle turned into a fulltime passion. 
I always had a hard time with finding crystals I wanted for stretched ears as well, and since my ears ended up being different sizes, ones I needed were hard to find. The day I realized I could carve my own plugs was the day that this business idea came into existence. With the encouragement of my friends and family I was able to let my artistic side flourish. I enjoyed collections growing up, like Pokemon, which I kind of equate collecting and obtaining information about crystals to be incredibly similar. This has facilitated a never ending fascination of knowledge, with no horizon of boredom to be seen. Eventually I named this business Got Stoned Jewelry. Why? Because as person who enjoys smoking weed, I feel like I get a similar mental high from looking at stones. I basically, well, got stoned from them!

I have had an Etsy account since 2016, and thanks to all my Stoners, I have expanded more than I could imagine - and with this new website I hope to grow into a new, more refined level. One that allows my branding, and thus identity, to flourish :)

Thank you all for your support, as of course, I couldn't have gotten here without you!


My very first rock and gem show selling plugs!