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Anthophyllite-Gedrite from Greenland (Nuummite!)

It has been too long since I have last posted, but for those of you who keep in touch through Instagram, you have probably seen that I have an obsession with Nuummite!

Nuummite with Pyrrhotite inclusions

According to (a mineral database), Nuummite is a trade name for an anthophyllite and gedrite series stone. Nuummite means "derived from Nuuk" in Greenlandic, as there are 8 localities containing this stone within 50km of Nuuk. In fact, it was "found by the geologist Peter W. Uitterdijk Appel in 1982, near Nuuk (Godthåb). Appel considered first the name nuukite, but renamed it to Nuummite, which in Greenlandish means "from Nuuk". The government granted the company Nuummite Nuuk A/S, wholly owned by Nuuk commune an exploration concession for Nuumite in the Nuuk area, as well as permission to manufacture and sell Nummite jewelry. The company is based in Nuuk." (

Sought-after blue flash Nuummite

Because the name Nuummite specifically refers to the anthophyllite-gedrite combination only found around Greenland, it would be interesting, in my opinion, to call all anthophyllite-gedrite stones Nuummite. That isn't to say anthophyllite- gedrite stones are not found elsewhere! Some people have called something which is now seemingly referred to as 'Coppernite' (from India), once as Nuummite. Though I have not yet found any papers on what 'Coppernite' actually contains, if it is indeed anthophyllite-gedrite, then that would be very cool! If you have come across more scientific info on that stone, please email me because I am super curious!

I have found, in the past, the same series stone from Finland, which does look very similar! (
It seems to be hard to find as the company claims it takes awhile to process it and market it worldwide (  

Another anthophyllite-gedrite series stone is that of which has been coined Jenakite, and comes from the Sahara Desert of central Mauritania. What is interesting about this particular find is that it also contains Titanium ( I have also seen it called Sahara Nuummite. I have also seen Larvikite called Sahara Nuummite as well; so buyer beware! Larvikite is a completely different series of stone! (

With other stones on the rise being called Nuummite, it is important to search other stone images so you may familiarize yourself with similar stones being falsely advertised. It isn't the be all end all for knowledge, but it certainly helps discern between the more obvious ones. Here is some common other stones to look up against Nuummite:
-Coppernite (which actually very well may be anthophyllite-gedrite but I cannot find mineral data for it, it could simply be pyrite flecks!)

Also a note to remember, a lot of stones are conglomerates - they come from Pegmatites. So even those labelled, say, as Arfvedsonite, maybe isn't just Arfvedsonite, but a mixture of stones! (If you are into reading forums on mindat, here is a good one:

Classic gold/bronze flash Nuummite

Nuummite itself can be found with more than just anthophyllite-gedrite, I have carved some that contains Pyrrhotite inclusions that make the stone attracted to magnets! It is super fun to play with. 
Personally, I enjoy carving this stone so much because I find it very grounding. It also plays 'peek-a-boo' with me, keeping me on my toes when I carve, as to not over carve and loose a flash! Even cut in a 'wrong angle' can make the flash disappear! In this way it is meditative, ensuring I am carving 'in the moment'. I have a lot of love for this stone, and I hope you can feel it shine through if you have been able to get a piece from me!

All these images show Nuummite hand carved with love by me, thanks for reading!


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