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Natural stone plugs

Second pair of plugs and I adore them as much as the first. Mel took these down a size for me and I am so thankful. Rose quartz is my favorite side kick and these are perfect 💗


Purchasing from Mel is always an absolute delight! I love her taste in rare materials and the polish is done to a mirror-shine finish. Shipping was prompt and items were well packaged! I know I will be purchasing from this shop again and again - thank you so much!!!


Stunning! Breathtaking! An absolute one of a kind fantasy piece! I am so in love with this necklace and feel so honored to wear it! It truly is a work of art and each stone is so exquisite and beautiful and they complement each other perfectly. This has become my new favorite shop for unique and excellent quality gemstone jewelry and I love the style and artistry in all her pieces! I will absolutely be back for more of the whimsical and elegant creations and I highly recommend you do too!


Finding the beauty in stones

From beach stones to rare minerals, get stoned from Mother Earth's treasures